Aestheticism @ Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

We are incredibly excited to announce the beautiful.bizarre curated exhibition ‘aestheticism’ opens atヴァニラ画廊(Vanilla Gallery) in Tokyo, Japan on 4 April!


‘aestheticism’ allowed participating artists the opportunity to explore the beautiful.bizarre aesthetic, to consider what represents beauty across cultures, continents and mediums. To explore both the culturally accepted notions of beauty and those dark hidden places inside our hearts that are drawn to the evocative darkness, to the odd things, to the macabre, and to the sharp and visceral moments of our experience.

4th – 23 April, 2016
Opening Reception: Monday April 4th, 2016
Exhibition rooms A and B | Admission 500 yen
Vanilla Gallery
TOSEI Bld.B2F, 8-10-7
Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan

Exhibiting artists:
Aran (Japan), Bella Harris (USA), Caitlin McCormack (USA), Ciou in-hell(France), Craww (United Kingdom), Dihaze (Ukraine), Freaks Circus (Japan), Garth Knight Artist (Australia), Haruna Hijikata (Japan), Jel Ena (USA), Julie Filipenko (Israel), Kristin Shiraef (USA), Leslie Ann O’Dell (USA), Art by Mandy Tsung (Canada), Maria Menshikova (Russia), Midori Hayashi (Japan), Mimi Scholz (Germany),Mira Nedyalkova (Bulgaria), Miu Vermillion (USA), Naoto Hattori (Japan), Nina Y. Art & Fairy Tales(Ireland), ONEQ (Japan), Sam Ectoplasm Art (Canada), Shin Taga (Japan), Shirrstone Shelter dolls(Russia), Tom Bagshaw (United Kingdom), Tomomi Sakuba (Japan), Tsubaki Torii (Japan), Yukiko Hayashi (Japan), Zoe Lacchei (Italy).

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