Metamorphose, two new drawings for ‘Aestheticism’ @ Vanilla Gallery

I have two new and deeply personal pieces in the current beautiful.bizarre magazine curated exhibition ‘aestheticism’ at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo Japan.

Metamorphosis I net
Metamorphose I – 14’x17′ – Pen, pencils and ink on acid-free paper
Metamorphose II net
Metamorphose II – 14’x17′ – Pen, pencils and ink on acid-free paper


My two drawings for Aestheticism take place in the oniric world of metamorphosis, encompassing the concepts of beauty, magic and wonder (ie. the metamorphosis of the butterfly) and strangeness (like the monster). The two creatures are inspired by mythical and composite characters like the sphynx or mermaids, whose sensuality is equal to their mystery and danger. They reside at the edge of the living and the dead and that’s what gives them power and wisdom.

 The two drawings can be seen as a diptych or each on their own. They contain that ambivalence of the beauty of the female figure and the repulsion of the body ripped open, pouring out its insides. There’s an explosion of organic motives unfurling in every direction, a swirl of flesh, flowers and graphic elements, as the micro and the macro world mirror each other in a movement of expansion and introversion.

To me, this carnal undulation is a metaphor of the transformation of the soul and the cycles of life. I try to create complex images that need some time of contemplation to discover all its tiny details, mysterious enough to have multiple interpretations. I want to challenge the viewer by juxtaposing tortured symbolism, entrails and peaceful realist portraits, as I believe beauty lies in the coexistence of opposites. 


Exhibition Dates: April 4th – April 23rd, 2016

Vanilla Gallery

Exhibition rooms A and B
TOSEI Bld.B2F, 8-10-7
Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0061

If you are interested in purchasing either work, please email Gallery Director Yoko, directly at or call the gallery on +81 3-5568-1233

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