Available throught my ETSY shop or contact me at samectoplasm@yahoo.ca

 Incantation – Incarnation, 2014 : An art book entirely made with silkscreen printings, transparent papers, watercolors. Each one of them are one-of-a-kind. The text, which is the same in each book, is a poem i have written (in french) and done with the typewriter. Truly the ”zine” that i’m the most proud of since it goes beyond the usual zines to become a rare, unique artist book.


DESQUAMATION DES HORRI-PEAUX, 2013 : Art zine with One of a kind silkscreened covers.  The concept behind this zine is to describe medical and poetic imaginary diseases and pathologies, related to my drawings. 10 pages.


HORRORSCOPE, 2012, 8 pages b&w zine with stupid horrific, pseudo-astrological  predictions.

LA FILLE QUI ETAIT DE DOS, 2011 : B&W,  The story is a cynical version of the story of Cinderella but as seen by the Prince & his penis problem…Mature content, you know.

Other zines / Autres zines:

La tête à Britney I & II, drawing and poetry, 2009-2010, epuisé, sold-out

Mort-né fanzine,  collaboration art zine, 5 numeros/issues, 2007- 2009, épuisé, sold-out.


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